5 Best Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise

Do you feel shy at public places?

Do you feel dejected or inferior while meeting new people?

Are you struggling to reduce your weight for past many years, but are not successful?

In this article you will get 5 very useful and practical ways to reduce your body fat and weight without exercise and keep it low for rest of your life.

For reducing body weight permanently, one has to change few habits. Main reason for gaining weight again and again is due to the changes made for a while in our lifestyle and after some time we again get back to our old habits. So this leads to regain of weight.

So, before we can discuss the scientifically proven ways to reduce the weight permanently without exercise, you must take a pledge to incorporate these ways in your life for best results. I can guarantee you that you will see such an amazing change in your body that anyone will be amazed to see you. Lets start.

1.Reduce the size of your plate: Mostly people use 11-12 inch wide plate. By reducing plate size to 9-10 inches, you can reduce 25% of amount you serve and eat. Also use smaller serving spoon and you will see noticeable change in your diet in few weeks and you will lose weight without exercise.

Reduce the size of your plate

2. Weigh yourself regularly: Lot of people are in weight denial. We don’t get on scale and check our body weight ans often buy stretchy clothes to hide excess weight. Getting on scale can stop this. It will help you to stop gaining weight and become more aware of your target. Once you are aware of where you are heading towards, you will gain less weight and start to move in right direction.

Weigh yourself regularly

3. Keep a food journal: Write down everything you eat on daily basis honestly. This will make you aware of how much you are pumping in your body. It’s one of most important thing you can do for weight loss, yet most of us resist this. We think its very hard, but its very easy and satisfying and just takes few minutes. It will take you closer to slim and fit body. This will help you to reduce weight without exercise, though we recommend to do light exercise for 4 days in a week.

Keep a food journal

4. Get sufficient sleep: Its scientifically proven that when you are sleepy and fatigued you tend to eat more. Do you know reason behind this? Its both physiological and psychological, it changes level of few chemicals in your body which forces you to eat more and it also lighten up the portion of brain which is involved in reward and pleasure which again increases your diet.

Get sufficient sleep:

5. Eat a good breakfast: Eating good and healthy breakfast if another thing you should get used to. o not pump more carbs in your body, but include a lot of protein in your breakfast. It will help to control the hunger and give good energy to keep up the demands of body during day. You can include eggs, yogurt and peanut butter to lose fat and weight without any exercise.

Eat a good breakfast

So, friends i hope that you will incorporate these important changes in your diet and lifestyle in nest few days and you will see a new healthy person your mirror in few weeks time.

Hope you liked this article on 5 Best Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise. Share your views in comments.


I am a doctor, more precisely an orthopedic surgeon. Wondering why a surgeon is writing about fitness & weight loss? Few years back my mom was diagnosed with cancer, until then i thought i knew everything about health & fitness. Then started studying various books and blogs on fitness and realized that there are hundreds & thousands of things i was not aware. Though my mom passed away after her fight with cancer, but my interest in health & fitness continued. I decided to start the blog and share all the information in know for the benefit of others. Lets come together, work and share the knowledge to be healthy & fit.

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