How to lose Weight without exercise in two Months

How to lose Weight without exercise in two Months

How to lose Weight without exercise in two Months

Hi friends today i will walk you through my weight loss journey. If you are also trying to shed of some kilos off your body, this will inspire you to achieve your goal. We will discuss in detail about the diet and lifestyle changes i have done in my life. In past two months i have lost about 22 kg weight.

How to lose weight without exercise

I never liked to exercise, so when i gained weight in my college I started searching alternative ways to lose weight without exercise. After some research i was able to figure out the steps i need to take to lose weight without exercise and was all set to reform myself.

My height is 6 feet and present weight is 80 kg. I feel amazing as compared to what i felt about two months ago when my weight was 102 kgs. So lets begin step by step:

1. First thing was to cut down sugar consumption: I totally stopped consuming sugar which includes carbonated drinks, sweets, chocolates, cakes, butter, cheese and potatoes. It takes some courage but when you remove these things from your routine, you will feel so much fresh and powerful. Just be strong in your determination and never eat things in your life again. Major benefit i got after cutting off sugar from my life was that i  felt more active during the day and laziness will just disappear from your life.

Lose weight without exercise by changing your diet

2. Second thing is to increase intake of water. I increased my water to four liters per day. Increasing water intake will do wonders to your body and health. You feel hydrated and water removes all  the toxins from your body.

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lose weight without exercise by drinking more water

3. Focus on getting nutrition: Don’t weaken your immunity in race to lose weight. Take care of giving proper nutrition to body. I took lot of fruits and vegetables like papaya, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, oranges, muskmelons. Also took lot of palak and broccoli regularly.

lose weight without exercise by eating more salad

4: Fourth thing i did was to stop taking evening snacks. In evening snacks we tend to take lot of calories with tea and most of these are unhealthy like biscuits and namkeen. Instead of such filler snacks take a bowel full of fruit salad, this will help you a lot in weight loss.

weight loss by eating more fruits

Now lets see a sample meals you can take for weight loss without exercise. Though there can be lot of variations and you adjust as per requirements, but this will give you a idea about building your own diet plan.

8 am – Cup of milk with handful of dry-fruits and nuts like badam, kaju, kishmish, akhroat

9 am – Two chapatis with sabzi or 3-4 idlies with sambar

Lunch – Cup of brown rice with curd and a bowel full of sprouts

Evening snacks – One big bowl full of fruit salad

Dinner – Two chapatis with dal and vegetables. Eat big bowl of vegetables and dal.

So friends this was my diet plan which i followed for two months to lose weight without exercise. I am confident that if you follow this diet for 2 to 3 months, you will see an amazing change on your body as well as health.

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I am a doctor, more precisely an orthopedic surgeon. Wondering why a surgeon is writing about fitness & weight loss? Few years back my mom was diagnosed with cancer, until then i thought i knew everything about health & fitness. Then started studying various books and blogs on fitness and realized that there are hundreds & thousands of things i was not aware. Though my mom passed away after her fight with cancer, but my interest in health & fitness continued. I decided to start the blog and share all the information in know for the benefit of others. Lets come together, work and share the knowledge to be healthy & fit.

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