Best 7 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Best 7 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Best 7 Days Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss is one of the biggest concern people are having. Everyone wants a perfectly shaped body but effort required to lose weight fast is very big. Above all we want to reduce weight with a little effort. However weight loss require a great dedication and patience.

To lose weight fast and safely we need few changes. These include lifestyle, diet modifications and regular exercise to burn the fat from body. People are scared that losing weight requires hours of gym workout, diets like keto diet and giving up to eat everything. For losing weight we should try the foods we are consuming regularly, instead of new foods.

Best 7 Days Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan

A proper diet plan for weight loss includes sufficient quantity of nutrients. Good weight loss diet includes proteins , fat , carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This Indian 7 days weight loss diet plan includes all required nutrients in proper quantity and quality. Therefore we have included grains, lentils, healthy fats, vegetables, dairy and fruits in this diet plan.

We cook our food in variety of ways depending on region you are living. Also, many of Indian traditional spices and herbs are extremely healthy such as chilies, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and basil leaves. An Indian diet plan chart is useful for both men and women. You will get proper nutrition along with fast weight loss.

Weight Loss Diet Tips for Fast Fat Burning

While using this Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan, also take care of following things:

Weight Loss Diet Tips for Fast Fat Burning

  • Always prepare your meals fresh, don’t eat stale food
  • Make sure to include variety of foods in your meals
  • Breakfast should be such to make you feel full and hearty. Options like paratha, idlis, dosa, uttapam, bread and eggs are good choices.
  • Take breakfast within an hour of waking up.
  • Lunch should not make you sleepy. Therefore include dal, sabzi, roti and curd or rice, rajma, chole etc.
  • Take a light dinner. It will boost your weight loss to a great speed.
  • Eat dinner at least three hours before sleeping.
  • Include snacks in your daily routine. For instance take dry-fruits and fresh fruits in these snacks.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink at-least four liters of water per day, it will boost your metabolism.
  • Get rid of packaged foods from your routine.
  • Include a physical activity of thirty minutes for 3 to 4 days in a week.

Check out these 5 Devils Obstructing your weight loss journey

Carefully rule-out these 5 five common reasons which can hurt your progress in weight loss. Therefore its important to get rid of them.

Devils Obstructing your weight loss journey

1.Hormones: Hormone imbalance can be a big barrier in your weight loss progress. In other words it can increase your appetite or even deposit excess fat in your body in-spite of eating less. Consult your doctor for Leptin, Ghrelin, the stress hormone, thyroid hormones, and insulin.

2. Vitamins and minerals deficiency: Nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium and B-complex can influence your weight. Therefore diet experts stress on taking variety of foods.

3. Toxins: Toxins are in everything around us. For instance pollution, smoke, food colours, food additives, plastics. Toxins forces body to store more fat and slows down weight loss.

4. Stress: Stress is biggest enemy of weight loss. Above all it increases the fat depositing hormones in body. You tend to eat more during stress.

5. Lack of sleep: Not getting enough sleep increases your stress hormone levels. In addition you tend to eat more when you are fatigued due to disturbed levels of hunger hormones like Ghrelin and Leptin.

 7 Days Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan Chart to Lose Weight

Follow this Indian weight loss diet plan 7 days a week for four months. Few changes can be done as per your taste and requirements.

7 Days Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan Chart to Lose Weight


Breakfast: One paneer sandwich with mint chutney/2 brown rice idlis with sambhar

Lunch: 2 multigrain roti with 1 bowl dal or pulses like rajma

Dinner: 2 multigrain rotis with 1 bowl chicken gravy/Tofu + 1 bowl rice


Breakfast: One cup of low-fat milk with 2 tablespoon oats or cornflakes

Lunch: 2 multigrain roti + 1 bowl vegetable sabji / non-veg sabji + 1 bowl boiled pulse sprouts

Dinner: 1 bowl vegetable brown rice basmati / vegetable pulao + 1 bowl vegetable raita + salad of choice


Breakfast: 2 multigrain mixed vegetable parathas (without oil) + 1 glass of vegetable juice of your choice.

Lunch: 1 bowl dal / pulses like rajma / Non-veg subji + 1 bowl low-fat curd

Dinner: 2 multigrain rotis with salad + 1 bowl low-fat curd


Breakfast: 2 medium paneer, oats and ragi dosa with sambhar / 1 bowl fruit and vegetable poha.

Lunch: Whole-grain roti with vegetable sabzi/ Dal with veg or non veg sabzi and brown rice

Dinner: Vegetable subji + 1 bowl salad of choice / 2 multigrain roti + 1 bowl mix dals

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Breakfast: 2 oats idli + sambhar / 2 multigrain parantha with low-fat curd

Lunch:  Brown rice with vegetable sambhar with / 2 multigrain roti with veg or non veg curry

Dinner: 1 big bowl fruit and veggie mixed salad of choice + 2 multigrain rotis


Breakfast: 2 medium dal paranthas + 1 bowl low-fat curd

Lunch: 2 multigrain rotis with rajma curry / one bowl mixed vegetable salad

Dinner: 2 multigrain roti + 1 non-veg subji or dal of your choice


Breakfast: 1 bowl vegetables raita / Paneer and vegetable rice + 1 bowl curd

Lunch: 2 multigrain roti + 1 bowl non-veg subji or egg bhurji +1 glass of  buttermilk or lassi

Dinner: 1 bowl red or brown rice + 1 bowl mix veg sambhar + 1 egg bhurji

Follow this Indian weight loss diet plan chart for four weeks and you will see an amazing change in your body. After all this special diet plan had been created to keep your body nutrition demands in mind.

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Losing weight Rapidly

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Losing weight Rapidly

1.Eat small and frequent meals: 

Never leave your stomach empty or hungry. In other words you should have small meals at some intervals. Include healthy snacks or fruits. This is specially important to keep weight low once you have reduced your weight.

2. Never skip your meal:

Its important never to skip your meal. Skipping meals makes to more hungry and you end up snaking on unhealthy foods. Therefore it further slows down your weight loss.

3. Have stock of healthy foods:

Make sure have sufficient stock of healthy nutritious foods. So that when you feel hungry, you don’t end up eating pizza or left over cake.

4. Always eat home made foods:

Eat home cooked food instead of packaged or restaurant food. In addition cook it with healthy ingredients and oils.

5. Include variety of foods in your diet:

When cooking or preparing food make sure to include all food groups like proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats with micronutrients. It ensures that your body gets all the required nutrients, which regulates your metabolism. This, in turn, helps in weight loss.

6. Use smaller plates and bowls:

Research has shown that reducing the size of plates and bowls can reduce your food consumption by 20%. Also it has psychological effect on your brain and is proven to be a smart and easy trick to eat less and lose weight.

7. Never go to a party with empty stomach:

Always have some food before going to a party. Moreover eat some healthy snack before heading to a party. This will reduce your hunger and you will not overeat at party. It will also help to avoid alcoholic drinks at parties.

8. Limit consumption of sugar and salt:

Both sugar and salt consumption should be limited. Never add additional salt to food from shaker and drink tea without sugar. More sugar increases calorie intake and has bad effect on blood sugar levels, excess salt leads to water retention and leads to weight gain.

9. Eat more fruits and vegetables:

Adding more fruits and vegetable will promote weight loss and boost up your energy. This also provides additional nutrients to body for maintaining proper metabolism.

10. Avoid zero card and fad diets:

Don’t fall for the zero carb and fad diets. These diets make your body week and deficient in nutrients. So this may be effective in short term but damages your health in long term.

Friends loosing weight as many aspects, diet plans will help to you reduce your weight. However you should also consult a specialist in diet or a doctor before choosing a method to lose weight.

If you have any questions or queries, please let me know in comments. I will try to answer and clear your doubts.


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