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Pain in knee joints is caused due to various reasons which include damage to the knee joint issue, degeneration of the cartilage, injury to the knee joint, injury to the ligaments and changes in the bone. You can get treatment of Knee Joint Pain without surgery. There are various causes of knee joint pain in different age groups.

Knee Joint Pain Treatment
Knee Joint Pain Treatment

In this article today we will discuss the knee joint pain caused due to the degeneration of the articular cartilage, that is damage to the tissue in between the two bones which provide cushion between the bones.

Normally this is called in Hindi as “garees kam ho gye hai” or reduction in the gap of the knee joint. Damage to the knee joint is caused due to some reasons like increase in weight,  genetic cause and  type of activities performed by the person.

In India women are affected more with knee joint pain than men; about 50 to 60% of women are affected with knee joint in their lifetime. Whereas 30 to 40% of men suffer from knee joint pain.

Symptoms of knee damage:

Damage to the articular cartilage, which is the tissue between the bones in the joint cause pain around the knee joint.

  • Grinding and popping sounds from the knee joint 
  • Swelling around the knee joint
  • Pain and stiffness, which is more in the early morning or after prolonged sitting

What are the tests to detect knee osteoarthritis as a cause of knee joint pain?

  Doctor Advisors tests like X rays of the knee, serum uric acid and general blood test in case of any joint pain.

Symptoms of Knee Joint Osteoarthritis:

There are three symptoms which are specific to knee osteoarthritis: 

  1. Continuous pain, 
  2. Limited morning stiffness 
  3. Reduced function of the knee
Treatment of Knee Joint Pain:

Once you are diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis, what are the treatment options you can choose from:  commonly we know that knee replacement is the treatment given by most doctors when there is damage to the knee joint articular cartilage. But there are various other non surgical treatment options for the treatment of knee joint pain.

  • When the knee pain occurs for the first time it can only be treated with the medications:

Such medicines include drugs which increase the lubrication in the knee joint and reduce inflammation and swelling around the knee joint.  These medications can be supplemented with heat and cold treatments for knee joint pain relief.

  • Reduction in the weight of the patient: 

Normally it is said that an increase in one kg of the weight of the person would increase the load of around 3 to 4 kg on the knees.  So reducing the weight of a person is an easy method to reduce the knee joint pain

  • Another therapy which can be used is electrical stimulation devices:

These include TENS  this helps to reduce the pain and swelling of the muscle and help to relax the muscles around the knee joint which leads to reduction of the knee joint pain.

  • Braces:

Various types of braces can be applied to the knee joint. Braces help to reduce the weight on the knee joint and help in the reduction of the pain and prevents the time for the damage to the hinge joint.

  • Intra articular knee injections:

Various types of injections like hyaluronic acid and PRP injections can be given in the knee joint. These increase the lubrication in the knee joint and help to regenerate the damaged cartilage which causes the relief from the knee joint pain. Surgical options:  There are various surgeries depending upon the stage of the knee damage.  One of the most common surgeries is HTO (high tibial osteotomy) which reduces the load on the knee joint.  if this is done at an early stage it can prevent the knee damage and you will not need another surgery in later stages. Another option is total knee replacement, if the damage to the knee joint is at a late stage then the total knee replacement is advised for the relief of the knee joint pain. So these are few non-surgical and surgical treatments for any pain treatment. You can consult your Orthopedic surgeon for proper guidance so that you can get relief from knee joint pain.  If you consult the doctor at an early-stage pain can very well recover with only medications or with injections.

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Treatment of Knee Pain without Surgery

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